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PVWW Is Hiring!

Interested in joining our team? We are seeking an Administrative Assistant to help with the running of PVWW, including managing all PVWW social media, general inquiries, & student / instructor support. Benefits include virtual work, flexible (part-time hours), working closely with guest authors and instructors, and access to all one-day workshops!

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The Position

PVWW is a mostly virtual literary arts center that offers writing workshops to writers of all levels and genres. We host 15 - 30 workshops each season, as well as a 10-Month Manuscript Program that begins each year in the fall. In addition to writing workshops, we host occasional community literary readings and monthly free Community Writing / Reading events.

PVWW is seeking an Administrative Assistant to help with the running of PVWW! The Assistant will work closely with Founder / Director Joy Baglio yet the work is primarily independent, and hours are flexible. The Assistant will manage the PVWW social media accounts, draft newsletters, support instructors and students (mostly via email), be a point of contact and guidance before (most) workshops, help coordinate and organize readings and events, respond to inquiries via email, and work largely independently to help bring organization and efficiency to various parts of PVWW. We are looking for someone who is excited to work with writers, writing instructors, student writers, and within the general writing community, as well as someone with organizational, administrative, and promotional / social media skills who is excited to be part of the PVWW team and help us grow.


  • Payment: $20 / hour (This is not a salaried position with benefits. All pay is hourly at standard rates.)

  • Full auditor (non-participatory) access to all PVWW one-day workshops, as the main support person on call for one-day workshops (which mostly run on weekend afternoons). 

Hours / Working Environment:

  • Part-Time: Beginning at 8 - 10 hours / week

  • Possibility of more hours October - February (in support of our 10-Month Manuscript Program)

  • Remote position and (mostly) flexible work hours. (There are no set work hours, outside of social media posting and emailing happening (roughly) during EST business hours, and availability at the start of one-day workshops (though there is flexibility with this).

  • This position involves considerable independence and self-direction, though training, guidance, and regular check-ins with supervisor (Joy) will happen.

We are looking for someone who...

  • Is interested in PVWW (and arts organizations), as well as excited to learn the ins and outs of how we work and what we offer, so as to become a knowledgable representative of PVWW when responding to student and instructor inquiries. 

  • Is interested in both the writing side (ideally, is a practicing or aspiring writer, with knowledge of the literary world) as well as the business /administrative/promotional side of PVWW (scheduling, emailing, customer service, marketing, social media, and event organizing), with some administrative or assistant work experience

  • Has strong written and verbal communication skills (in particular, able to craft a quick, clear, professional-yet-warm email); has impeccable organization and attention to detail

  • Is personable, friendly, welcoming, enjoys working with people, and can be a kind, warm "face"  of PVWW during one-day workshops, at virtual readings, and events, etc. 

  • Is experienced with and enjoys social media (Facebook/Meta, Twitter/X, and Instagram). 

  • Is comfortable and capable with problem-solving on the fly, as well as thinking creatively outside the box to help organize and solve ongoing organizational issues. 

  • Enjoys working independently and isn't afraid to take the initiative to better organize, structure, innovate, or learn new systems if needed. 

  • Has an interest in taking on currently un-managed PVWW "projects" and/or working to solve long-running organizational issues that have been holding PVWW back in certain areas

  • Is familiar and comfortable using Mailchimp, website builders (like Wix, which is what we use), Zoom, and Google Docs / Google Classrooms - or willing to learn

  • Can be flexible and able to add more hours (if needed) during October - February, our busiest season (when our 10-Month Manuscript Program opens for applications). 

Primary Duties & Responsibilities


  • Managing PVWW's email account, which receives general inquiries about workshops, events, and the nature of PVWW.

  • Social media management: creating and scheduling posts for PVWW's social media platforms (on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) as well as engaging with the online communities there. Bonus: basic design abilities, to create simple graphics for social media, either using outside design programs or the platforms themselves (such as Instagram)

  • Instructor and Student support: Being the main contact person for instructors before they lead a workshop, especially instructors new to PVWW (this includes emailing information to them, managing Zoom links, meeting instructor and class on Zoom at the start of a new class to welcome and orient the group, give a brief Zoom overview, as well as remaining "on call" for part of the class); other related support duties include sending welcome emails and follow up emails to each workshop group, managing post-workshop student feedback forms and organizing / sharing responses with instructors, as well as responding to instructor and/or student questions

  • Coordinating virtual and in-person events and readings: managing RSVPs and sending reminders, emailing featured readers, posting and word-spreading. If available on event or reading day, possibility of additional hours. 

  • Drafting PVWW newsletters and email campaigns: Working in Mailchimp to assemble and draft newsletters showcasing upcoming workshops and events.

  • Updating the PVWW Zoom accounts with upcoming workshops and managing the PVWW Zoom calendars where all instructors workshops are scheduled

  • Collecting, compiling, and managing student feedback as well as making sure instructors (and PVWW) gets all feedback, creating an archive of usable feedback, and updating the PVWW "Testimonials" page

  • Assisting with schedule creation: including organizing / sorting workshop proposals, creating a calendar for the upcoming season, communicating with instructors about accepted classes and dates, and updating the website with new classes semi-regularly

  • Assistance with various tasks related to our 10-Month Manuscript Program (during the months of October - February): This is our busiest time, beginning when applications for our 10-Month Manuscript Program open, and wrapping up when the new round of the Manuscript Program begins; tasks related to this include promotion / social media, coordinating with instructors, coordinating with student readers for our annual open house, organizing applications, emailing applicants re: admission decision, answering general applicant questions via email, and coordinating our final student readings.

Possible Additional Duties (if skills and interests align):

  • Data entry and bookkeeping 

  • Design skills and/or creating visual graphics to be used for workshops, events, and general promotion; poster creation

  • Simple video editing and uploading to the PVWW Youtube channel

  • Assistance with (or interest in learning) live-streaming on Facebook and Instagram Live

Programs to Be Familiar with (or able / willing to learn):

  • Mailchimp (used for PVWW newsletters, email marketing, event promotion)

  • Zoom (where all PVWW workshops are scheduled and held)

  • Wix (our website builder)

  • Google Docs / Google Classrooms (used in some PVWW workshops)

  • Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook


  • Remote position and (mostly) flexible work hours. (There are no set work hours, outside of social media posting and emailing happening (roughly) during EST business hours as well as being "on call" for select one-day workshops, when they happen)

  • Potential for expanded position, title, hours, pay, after first year with PVWW

  • Opportunity to work closely with professional writing instructors, guest authors, writing students, and general writing community. 

  • Full auditor (non-participatory) access to all PVWW one-day workshops, as the main support person on call for one-day workshops (which mostly run on weekend afternoons). 

  • Opportunity for more hours and expanded role, pending PVWW's need and growth

  • Opportunity to help create, grow, and be part of a dynamic literary community

  • Initial training and coaching provided by Joy Baglio (supervisor)

To Apply:

Email Joy at and tell us about yourself, your background (as a writer as well as related work experience), why you think you're a good fit, and why you'd like to work with PVWW! Please include a current CV (showcasing any relevant experience) and including contact info for two references who can attest to past work experience. 

Deadline to apply is June 15, 2024.

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