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Community Writing & Reading

Join our free community writing / reading sessions!

Join fellow writers for monthly generative writing sessions with PVWW Founder Joy Baglio! Get in an hour of writing, meet other writers, and start your weekend with some creative inspiration! Community Writing is for writers of any background, level of experience, and/or genre who are interested in a casual, motivational, drop-in friendly generative gathering, either to generate new work, get back into the creative flow, work on a project in the supportive company of others, meet fellow writers, or simply to make more time for writing. Community Reading sessions are drop-in friendly sessions where writers can (optionally) share their own work with the group, and/or read an excerpt from a favorite text. Many come just to listen as well.

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What to expect

Community Writing gatherings are led by PVWW Founder Joy Baglio and always feature several (optional) writing prompts that are applicable across genres, though you are always free to bring in-progress writing projects and use the writing time however you're most inspired. After a quick warmup, we spend approximately 40 minutes quietly writing together and the last 30 minutes meeting each other, sharing, and discussing our work and various craft/process questions. Because this is a drop-in friendly event, the size of the gathering changes every time, though the group is usually larger than our other workshops (though we break into smaller breakout rooms to share and discuss). Please note that Community Writing is generative in nature and does not offer craft instruction or feedback on writers' work. If you are interested in instruction, feedback, weekly assignments / accountability, and/or a smaller group of writers that meets weekly, we suggest you visit our Courses.

Community Reading gatherings are also led by PVWW Founder Joy Baglio and feature readers and attendees who would like to sign up for 2 - 3 minute reading / sharing spots. Readers can share either their own work or excerpts from a favorite text in any genre. Sign up happens within the first five minutes of the session, so come on time if you'd like to read! Many join us just to listen as well. Some Community Reading sessions will feature a guest author who will read at the end of the lineup. Following the reading, the floor is open to discussion on craft, process, and other writing-relate topics.


  • First Friday of the month (6 - 7:30pm ET) - Community Writing*

  • Third Friday of the month (6 - 7:30pm ET) - Community Reading

    Please note: There will be NO April Community Writing as we are hosting an in-person reading and event on the 4/5 


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What people say

I always enjoy this time with Joy. Her prompts are inspiring & get me to go in unexpected directions & her facilitation is fabulous. Thank you so much for offering this free workshop each month. I really look forward to it.

- Amie Hyson

Joy is very encouraging and upbeat and provides a space for the writing juices to flow!
- Jennifer Delozier

​I always enjoy the energy and the company of the open writing nights. The prompts have sometimes sent me off in interesting directions I might never have tried otherwise. 
- Peter Bishop

Very strong prompts, and I love Joy's enthusiasm! A great opportunity to be in community, generate new work, and form new relationships.

- Community Writing Participant

The prompts were great, the format was great, no pressure to speak, and [Joy] did a great job moderating... It was my first time participating, and it could not have been better. I was hesitant and not sure I would enjoy it, and I felt so comfortable and I did some great work that truly surprised me. It surpassed my expectations.
- Mary Doherty