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Our Courses

10-Month Manuscript Program

An Intensive, Virtual Program for Writers Working on Books!

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Liz Harmer
Novel Revision

Blair Hurley
Novel First Draft

Carolyn Zaikowski
Poetry/Hybrid & CNF


Kim Adrian

If you're working on a book-length manuscript (any genre) and are looking for a (virtual) program that might support you over a longer period of time - with opportunities for feedback, community, craft study, and consultations with an author-instructor - our 10-Month Manuscript Program might be for you!

Watch a recording of our recent Manuscript Program Open House & Reading - featuring instructors and current students! 

Deadline to apply is December 15, 2023.

One-Day Classes

One Day Writing Classes

Short, single-session classes, seminars, and lectures, with inspiring authors 

One-Day Classes run 2 - 3 hours and focus on particular writing-related craft, process, or publishing/career-related topics. They often emphasize the development and honing of specific skills, through craft instruction, lecture, analysis of published work, in-class writing exercises, and discussion. One-Day Classes are an opportunity to dip a toe into writing instruction (if you're new to writing), get a burst of inspiration about a particular topic, and be part of a supportive writing group for an afternoon! Unless stated, they DO NOT entail outside reading or the opportunity to receive feedback on your work. Limited to 12 writers (in most cases), yet occasionally larger "lecture" seminars are offered.