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Sometimes the best thing you can do for your manuscript - whether it's a short story, an essay, a novel, a memoir, or scholarly paper - is to seek feedback.

As writers, editors, instructors, and creative coaches, we've had years of experience working with authors and helping them take their manuscripts to the next level.

We offer one-on-one manuscript consulting, coaching, and editing services tailored to you and your manuscript.

When you're ready, we offer 2-hour editing / coaching packages that can be directly purchased on this page. All editing / coaching packages are priced at each editor / coach's individual hourly rate. These 2-hour sessions can be any mix of editing and coaching, but are limited to two hours of the editor / coach's time.

While all accomplished authors and editors, we do have different approaches, backgrounds, special focuses, and hourly rates, so feel free to browse bios (below) to get a sense of who might be the best fit for you and your project.

Two-Hour Editing

and/or Coaching Packages:

Interested in an editing / coaching session but unsure how you'd use the time? Here are the options!

  • Editing (2 hours): Your editor / coach will review approximately 10 - 15 double-spaced pages* in standard formatting, and offer margin and line comments, and a brief written and/or bulleted overall feedback on what's working well and what could work better. (* Refers to prose pages, in standard formatting. For poetry and/or hybrid work, your editor will let you know the equivalent page/word limit.)

  • Coaching (2 hours): Your editor / coach will meet with you over Zoom (or phone) for two separate hour-long sessions to talk about your writing and creative goals; any questions you have on craft, process, and/or the industry; and/or anything else related to writing that you'd like to discuss and/or learn! In some cases, coaching time can also be used to look at short sections of your writing together, on the spot. Please note: If both hours are used for coaching, then no work will be reviewed by your coach outside of the session.

  • Combination: Your editor /coach will spend approximately half of the session (1 hour) reading up to 10-15 pages*, then meeting with you on Zoom (or phone) for the remaining hour to discuss your work. While your editor / coach may choose to still leave line comments on your work, this should not be expected and all feedback will be delivered verbally, rather than written. (* Refers to prose pages, in standard formatting. For poetry and/or hybrid work, your editor will let you know the equivalent page/word limit.)

For New Clients / What to Expect:

  • Coaching packages are priced at each editor's individual hourly rates.

  • Feel free to sign up for sessions with different editors if you choose! Though for first sessions, please ONLY sign up for a single session with the same editor. 

  • After signing up for a session,  you are all set! Your editor / coach will reach out to you (via the email address you provided upon checkout) within seven days in order to learn more about how you'd like to use the session (either editing, coaching, or some combination of the two) as well as to schedule your session. 


  • PVWW editors have different styles and ways of working, and all editing and coaching work is tailored to your needs. When your editor / coach reaches out to you after you purchase your session, make sure you and your editor/coach are on the same page about what you're hoping to get from the session, before work together begins! 


  • Formatting for prose writers: Make sure your work (for review) is in standard formatting (double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, one-inch margins). 

  • Disclaimer on page counts / expectations: Please note that the number of pages listed above is an estimate, and that may vary slightly based on your editor, depending on factors such as the density (roughness or smoothness)  of the prose, the kind of editing needed, and whether or not writers follow standard formatting. While your editor will do their best to fall within or near this range, editors are not expected to go outside of the time parameters, if they have already spent the full amount of time on your work. 

  • If you have a longer manuscript and/or project: All new clients MUST begin editing / coaching work with a 2-hour package. If you are interested in editing of a longer manuscript, we require that you begin with the purchase of a 2-hour package first, where you and your editor/coach can begin to look at your longer manuscript. We require this in part to make sure that you and your editor are a good fit before a greater investment is made. 

For Returning Clients:

  • If you want to continue working with your editor / coach after your initial session, you can book more time with them, either another two-hour package, or you can talk to them about a longer session (which can also be booked here, though you should clarify the number of hours needed with them first). Please note: Before purchase of more than 2 hours, you MUST touch base with your editor/coach and make sure they are available for the work you'd like to do. All coordination must happen first with them. If you would like review and/or editing of a longer manuscript project, you must receive an estimate from the editor you are working with before payment is made. 

Joy Baglio
Hourly Rate: $200

​Consults On
Short fiction, flash fiction, novel, memoir, genre fiction, speculative fiction, publication & submissions process, querying / agents, concepting/outlining

Areas of Interest
As a former literary magazine editor, I'm constantly reading and assessing short fiction on both a micro level (word choice, grammar, syntax, sentence-level mechanics, etc) and a macro level (characters, plot, story logic, big-picture themes and ideas), and I bring this same attention to craft to my one-on-one consulting work. I love dissecting stories from a technical, craft-based perspective in order to help writers understand what's working, what could be working better, and what the story is trying to be. I love a wide array of styles and genres, though I'm particularly drawn to speculative fiction as well as writing that boldly embraces plot, stakes, and has some sense of innovation, daring, and risk-taking to it. I also love helping writers better understand the world of literary magazines and the process of submitting their work, as well as all the other aspects of publishing and career. 

Joy Baglio is the founder and director of Pioneer Valley Writers' Workshop. Her short stories have appeared widely, in journals such as The Missouri Review, Tin House, American Short Fiction, Conjunctions, The Iowa Review, TriQuarterly, Gulf Coast, New Ohio Review, and elsewhere. Recent honors include fellowships, scholarships, and grants from Yaddo, The Elizabeth George Foundation, Bread Loaf Writers' Conference,  Sewanee Writers' Conference, The Speculative Literature Foundation, Vermont Studio Center, Ragdale, Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, and The Kerouac Project. Joy holds an MFA from The New School and is currently at work on both a collection of short stories and her first novel. She's represented by Peter Steinberg at United Talent Agency (UTA). In additional to her role at PVWW, she has served on admission boards at Bread Loaf Writers Conference and Vermont Studio Center, as an associate editor for the literary magazine West Branch (where she is currently a contributing editor), and a fellowship judge for Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing. Follow her on twitter at @JoyBaglio or visit her online at

"Joy [Baglio] provides invaluable feedback! She has a knack for interpreting a writer's intentions. She knows the story you're trying to tell. She knows its strengths and its weaknesses. Her expert advice will help you fix things in your story that are broken, as well as things you didn't even know needed fixing. She is a brilliant mind, a great communicator, and a very sweet person. I'll definitely be sending my future projects her way."
-Drew Rogers

Pioneer Valley Writers' Workshop