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Ongoing Writing Groups

Generative, no-workload groups for those wanting to make time for writing

Ongoing Writing Groups are generative in focus, with no outside workload, for writers interested in making more time in their life for writing (whether for current projects or new ones), connecting with other writers, and building a supportive community around their writing practice. They meet weekly, for a set number of weeks (usually 6 or 8), followed by a 3 - 4-week break, before continuing on for another session, and so forth. Gatherings will include a mix of in-class writing time, optional prompts and exercises, opportunities to share work aloud for on-the-spot feedback, and craft discussions, and each group may evolve and change based on the needs and interests of the participants. Registration happens one session at a time, yet all current group members will get priority in signing up for the next session, if they choose to. Each Ongoing Writing Group is limited to 10 writers and open to all levels and backgrounds. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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